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Nobody is fine with having bed bugs in their home. As you may know, reports of Tamarac bed bugs are on the rise. If you think that this pest is invading your home then you should give us a call immediately.

Unfortunately, unlike spiders and ants, you can’t easily ignore this pest. After these little nuisances are in your home, they won’t go away until a Tamarac bed bug exterminator removes them.

Bed bugs suck the blood of humans, typically while they sleep. They will pierce your skin with a stylet, which is part of their mouth. Then they cut through the flesh to find blood vessels. Bed bugs typically feed for 5 minutes before returning to their hiding place.

The majority of people don’t realize they’re being bit because this little bug has a numbing agent in it’s saliva, so when it pierces your skin it also numbs it, making it less obvious and just unnoticeable enough to not wake you from your slumber.


Don’t wait to take action against this pest – call a professional right away.

Bed Bug Control in Tamarac, FL

Most people don’t determine that they have bed bugs by finding the bugs themselves. It’s often once they begin waking up every morning with bites that they realize something is going on.

These little bugs are great at keeping hidden from people. They often hide in small, dark crevices near or in your bed. This could be your mattress seams, boxspring, bed frame or any furniture nearby.

In addition, they will hide behind outlet covers, wall decor and fixtures, and even in your curtains. Typically you won’t find them in all of these other places unless an infestation is present.

Signs of Tamarac Bed Bugs

  • Dark spots (blood) on your bedding/sheets
  • Eggs & casings
  • Molten skin
  • Actual bed bugs

Another common sign is waking up with bites on your body, however this doesn’t immediately mean it’s bed bugs biting you. We advise having an inspection done on your property to determine if there are active bed bugs or you have a different pest issue that needs to be addressed.

Our Tamara bed bug exterminators will gladly do an inspection and help you get relief from whatever pest may be invading your personal space.

If you think you’ve got a bed bug problem, then you should not even think about sleeping in your home. Our Tamarac pest control experts are able to answer any questions you may have. Give our exterminators a call right now at (954) 417-8688 to obtain a hassle-free quote and schedule your appointment.

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